Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Asked to leave

Last wed, I was told that the company was unable to confirm me because of my hospitalisation due to the query seizure attack and the medical leave I took.

I cried and was very demoralized.

I accepted that it's purely business and nothing personal, but now I have to put up with endless gossips and some awful b**** who keeps making life and things difficult for me. I want to cry but I keep telling myself that if I can through this, I can handle the next job and difficult co-workers. I have gone through worse right? I ca do this, but it's so mentally exhausting to keep fighting within yourself.

I want to give up and I want to cry.

I have till end of month, 26 May 09. It's such a long way, but counting only working days, I have 18 days to go. I need to go through this. Please help me.